Thank to constantly increasing demand of renting luxury apartments in Ha Dong, apartment for rent in Seasons Avenue has been “hotter” than ever before. Nowadays, the high-end Seasons Avenue apartments are becoming priority when finding apartment for rent in Hanoi. Especially, this project with Singapore lifestyle is favoured by Expat in Vietnam.  With four modern blocks named Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter and 60 amenities, Seasons Avenue Mo Lao apartments will be ideal choice for expats love ecological living spaces.


No of Beds
S13 104 m2Southwest15,000,000 Fully furnished
S12 71 m2Southeast13,000,000 Fully furnished
S13 104 m2Northeast20,000,000 Fully furnished
S12 72 m2Southeast13,000,000 Fully furnished
S22 80 m2Southeast14,000,000 Fully furnished
S22 74 m2Southwest14,000,000 Fully furnished
S22 75m2Southeast13,000,000 Semi furnished
S22 80m2Northeast15,000,000 Fully furnished
S22 75 m2Northeast13,000,000 Semi furnished
S23 116m2Southwest15,000,000 Fully furnished
S33 98 m2Southwest2,000,000 Fully furnished
S32 76 m2Southwest18,000,000 Fully furnished
S33 98 m2Southwest17,000,000 Fully furnished
S32 76 m2Southwest13,000,000 Fully furnished
S32 76 m2Southwest14,000,000 Fully furnished
S33 118 m2Northeast20,000,000 Fully furnished
S32 76 m2Southwest16,000,000 Fully furnished
S32 76 m2Southwest14,000,000 Fully furnished
S32 76m2Southeast18,000,000 Fully furnished
S42 84 m2Southwest16,000,000 Fully furnished
S42 85 m2Northeast16,000,000 Fully furnished
S42 83 m2Northwest12,500,000 Fully furnished
S43 122 m2Northwest13,000,000 Semi furnished
Last updated on August, 6th 2019
  • Semi furnished apartment: Wall – Ceiling – Floor – Air Condition – electric heater – Sanitary – Kitchen – Kitchen Wardrobe
  • Fully furnished apartment: Basic furniture – Bed – Wardrobe – Dining table – Sofa – Electronic equipment (TV, Washing machine, Refrigerator, Microwave) – Shoes cabinet – Bowls and chopsticks- Customers only carry suitcases and rent apartments right now!


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Apartments in S1 – S2 – S3 and S4 Blocks have been gradually handed over. Usually, in Season Avenue project, there are various kinds of apartment, such as 2 -3 bedroom apartment and from 68m2 – 110m2. Most of apartments have incredible view. Seasons Avenue apartments have smart designs, flexible functions and large lobbies.  Especially, at these apartments for rent, you also get full of fresh air and natural lights easily.  In additions, inside logia and spacious balcony will meet most of tenant’s demand.

We would like to invite you to take a look at some of the pictures below:

Thuê căn hộ chung cư Seasons Avenue
Thuê căn hộ Seasons Avenue Mỗ Lao
Thuê chung cư Seasons Avenue
Thuê chung cư Seasons Avenue Hà Đông
Căn hộ cho thuê Seasons Avenue Mỗ Lao
Cho thuê căn hộ chung cư Seasons Avenue
Căn hộ cho thuê Seasons Avenue
Thuê căn hộ Seasons Avenue Mỗ Lao Hà Đông


At the project, Seasons Avenue’ developers – CapitaLand and Hoang Thanh is dedicated to build a series of 60 internal amenities for project’s Residents. Up to now, the system of amenities has been put into operation to meet the daily needs of residents.

Entertainment & creative exploration: Children’s area – Library – Mini water park – Children’s pool – Cinema – Children dressing room

Amenities for the elders: Four Seasons Garden – Walking Street – Meditation Corner – Aquarium Lake

Amenities for fitness needs: the Gym – Outdoor training with stairs system – Mini golf course – Mini golf training ground

Other unique amenities: Infinity Pool – Indoor Swimming Pool – Astronomical Observatory – Diamond Party on the Water

Phòng Gym tiện ích Seasons Avenue

Gym center

bể bơi 4 mùa tiện ích Seasons Avenue

4 season-indoor swimming pool

Đường dạo bộ tiện ích Seasons Avenue

Summer stream

Bể bơi vô cực tiện ích Seasons Avenue

Infinity Pool

Khu vui chơi trẻ em tiện ích Seasons Avenue

Mini water park

Sảnh 4 mùa tiện ích Seasons Avenue


Vườn xanh tiện ích Seasons Avenue

Cocoon relax area

Phòng hội trường tiện ích Seasons Avenue

Multi-function hall


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Being ready to delicately consult and always brings significant value to tenants and home-owners, An Cu is proud of being one of few agencies that implement services on Seasons Avenue rental market. Please contact us for the best support!  Hotline: 0936 196 386.